"Generations Joined"​

Providing Assistance and Support to

Seniors and their families, friends and caregivers and information to our community

Our community, Fallon within Churchill County, is home to more than 7,500 individuals aged 55 and above. This number will continue to increase as our Baby Boomer generation retires and becomes seniors. These are our parents, grandparents, family, friends, and neighbors.

Aging is not selective; it reaches out to every one of us, regardless of gender, race, and creed. It also brings new challenges that need to be addressed. This is where William N. Pennington Life Center/Coalition for Senior Citizens becomes an important player in our community.


June 29, 2020 -

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that Nevada will remain in Phase 2 of the Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery plan, consistent with public remarks made late last week. The Governor will sign an emergency directive extending the length of Phase 2 through the end of July, due to the trends in COVID-19 infection rates, the time needed for expanded contact tracing to identify trends, and to see the impacts of the Governor’s new face covering directive. “Flexibility is one of the core principles in our Roadmap to Recovery, precisely to account for the situation we are in now. As I’ve said repeatedly, the virus – and our personal actions to help mitigate its spread- drives the timeline,” said Gov. Steve Sisolak. “As a state, we were able to begin reopening because Nevadans were staying home as much as possible, washing hands frequently and maintaining six feet of social distancing. Now, all Nevadans must wear face coverings to help slow the spread as well. We can only stay open if we stay safe.” In addition to extending Phase 2 until the end of July, the directive provides that DMV documents that expired between March 12 and July 15 will be valid through September 13, 2020. Customers are encouraged to utilize online services and kiosks whenever possible.

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Who We Are and What We Do

Since opening our doors on June 19, 2017, the William N. Pennington Life Center has incorporated and embraced a multi-generational program planning aspect. The long standing focus has and will continue to be our ever growing senior population. But, we strive to be attentive to all ages while nurturing the wisdom from our seniors to be shared with the upcoming youth as they become responsible young adults and our future leaders.    This can be done in many ways.  Everyone has so much to offer.

We offer a daily congregate lunch meal in our beautiful dining room and invite anyone who would like to join us. We are told that the food is "always really good". And you don't have to be a Senior Citizen to eat here either. If you are under 60 you will charged $6.00 and if you are over age 60 its a suggested donation of $3.00. We proudly receive subsidy from our grantor, State of Nevada Aging Disability Services Division (ADSD).

​Mission Statement

To develop, coordinate and deliver a comprehensive net of supportive services for the William N. Pennington Life Center/Coalition for Senior Citizens program participants; including services designed to ensure seniors, their families, their caregivers and all interested community members of all ages lead a meaningful and dignified life, while maintaining a healthy, safe, secure and continued independence.

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